Locking Up With Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian will be spending three days in jail for a probation violation stemming from her DUI arrest last year. The youngest of the Kardashian reality siblings has until July 18 to begin serving her sentence.

“She admitted to failing to complete [roadside cleanup duty] and enroll in an alcohol education class,” L.A. City Attorney spokesman Frank Mateljan said yesterday.

“Khloe is ready and willing to serve out her sentence, no matter how long and where, and have this resolved,” Khloe’s rep told People.

Khloe’s slightly more famous sister Kim—no stranger to scandal herself—took to her blog to address her sister’s upcoming stint in the pokey.

“Khloe wants you to know she was sentenced to go to jail in regards to her one DUI case last year. I urge people to learn from the mistakes of others. Please drink responsibly and it’s never acceptable to drink and drive!,” Kim blogged.

Khloe, who is statuesque in nature, should have no problem with fights in the jailyard.

UPDATE: Khloe’s not able to elaborate on her sentencing much, but she did give Celebuzz a quote this morning.

“The only thing I can say is that I am ready and willing to serve my time,” says the tallest Kardashian sibling, exclusively to Celebuzz. “I hope we all can learn from my mistakes.”

That-a-girl. Keep a positive outlook!