Pete and Hilary Wentz: A Very Inky Couple

Some family resemblances aren’t due to a shared gene pool.

Exhibits A and B: Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz and his younger sister Hilary, seen here enjoying a sunny day in the wilds of Los Angeles.

Between the two of them, they have enough ink to put out out a series of graphic novels.

The first book could be based on the freaky experiences of being Joe Simpson’s son-in-law.

Pete and Hil dropped by a friend’s house before taking in the sights at Ren-Mar Studios.

It’s a shame they didn’t run into this chick during their outing; there could have been an Inked-Up Celebrity Sister face off!

Meanwhile, Pete’s preggers wifey, Ashlee, hung out at home after undergoing an ultrasound scan of her imminent arrival. No word on whether the images revealed a “Thug Life” tat across the coming emo prince’s tummy.