The Dark Knight Strikes Fear on the Red Carpet

The deceased Heath Ledger’s family attended the New York City premiere of The Dark Night last night.

Kim Ledger, recently rumored to be in financial dispute over Heath’s estate with Michelle Williams, attended with Heath’s stepmother, Ines. Kim was sighted giving a thumbs-up when he left the theatre.

Heath portrays the psychotic Joker in what many are terming an Oscar-worthy performance.

Heath’s mother, Sally Bell, and older sister Kate also attended.

Batman incarnate, Christian Bale, praised his co-star: “He steals the movie, and I’m quite happy to say that. He’s created a joker that will become a classic portrayal of the ages.”

Bale’s obviously a stand-up guy. Most other actors would be stoic about the spotlight high-jacking and cursing Heath’s name under their breath.