Heidi Klum: My Look Is by ABBA

Rejoice, all you closet designers (and closeted designers)… Project Runway’s fifth season finally trotted down the runway last night.

Unfortunately, it looks like newly-tatted host Heidi Klum got a little confused on the promotional circuit and put on her ABBA drag by mistake. No, Heidi, you’re not in Mamma Mia! Sorry, but you’re out.

Anyway, this season promises the crème de la crème of A-list celeb judges: RuPaul! Diane Von Furstenberg! Brooke Shields!

Christie Brinkley was probably just too swamped to shoot an episode.

And before you ask, yes, by the end of the episode, Tim Gunn told the contestants to “make it work.” After five seasons, that oft-used phrase still has all the zip and charm it did on day one, no? Anyone?