Is Paris Hilton a Liar?

Yeah, baby; Paris Hilton and the New York Post are a-feudin’!

Rupert Murdoch
’s rag called out Hilton for denying a number of truths, such as that she’s moving in next to former BFF Nicole Richie in Glendale, California, and that she was denied the purchase of a puppy at a Melrose Avenue pet store.

Under the headline “Paris Loose With Truth,” the Post’s “Page Six” column lists the celebutard’s supposed whoppers, and concludes, “Say this for Paris Hilton—she actually believes the lies she tells.”

Not one to take some things lying down, Hilton has responded on her MySpace blog, where she frequently details the injustices of her life.

A July 14 entry titled “Clearing Up Rumors” (“Current mood: annoyed”) calls the move-in rumor “SO NOT TRUE! First of all, I don’t live in Glendale. Secondly, I have my own home in a gated community in Beverly Hills—that’s where I live.” 

Wow, way to work in a little zip code snobbery while clearing your name, Paris.

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