Joe Jonas Denies Camp-Rocking Demi Lovato

Joe Jonas, frontman for tween heartthrobs The Jonas Bros., says those rumors that he’s romancing his Camp Rock co-star Demi Lovato are “not true,” according to E! Online.

Joe claims, “If anything, probably just because I’m her co-star” is the possible motivation for the story. Demi is also the opening act for the boy band’s Burnin’ Up tour. (Gee, how’d these rumors get started again?)

“You know, I think once [my brother] Nick’s in a movie with a co-star, it’s immediately going to be a connection,” the lead Jonas joked.

Besides, Joe’s supposed ex Miley Cyrus reportedly sends him photos like this. She’s already got him sweating over using the key to his Disney Channel chastity belt. One temptress is enough!