Lauren Bosworth Needs a Job

Lauren Conrad companion and pseudo-Hills villain Lauren “Lo” Bosworth informed that she’s not fully employing the arts history degree she earned from UCLA in June. In fact, she’s taking the summer off. Way off.

“I have just been hanging out by the pool,” she reported.

So, Lo, what do you want to do with your arts history life? Teach? Curate?

“I would love to get my own style show or something like that,” she says. So much for art.

When Lo actually leaves poolside, she’s got an unnamed beau, who will NOT be appearing on The Hills when the new season premieres in August.

“Being on the show conflicts with his job,” she said. “He works in finance.”

Maybe he can hook you up with a paying gig, Lo. You might need the security deposit for a new place. You never know who’s about to be kicked out of that house.