Liev and Naomi’s Growing Family Outing

Liev Schreiber and his fianceé Naomi Watts—who’s pregnant with the couple’s second child—loaded up their hybrid SUV with one-year-old son Alexander Pete and their dog in New York yesterday.

They also toted along a couple of bikes and a handful of fluffy pillows, presumably so their necks won’t get sore as they sprawl out in a field and blissfully stare at the clouds floating by.

When so many show-biz clans are finding themselves mired in industrial-grade sleaze, teen pregnancy and mind-boggling parental exploitation, some celeb families still enjoy the simpler things in life.

Big ups to Liev who, despite playing tough guy Sabretooth in the upcoming X-Men Origins: Wolverine, is clearly going for the gold in the Sensitive Dad Olympics.