Matt Dillon, Water Pimp

Not only does Kevin Dillon play seldom-laid second banana to fictional brother Vincent Chase on Entourage, but his real-life bro, Matt Dillon, is still the superior chick magnet.

Matt was vacationing in Ischia, Italy, this week, out on the water surrounded by bikini-clad flesh.

Like, bikini-clad female flesh. Not that other, super-yucky kind.

This, despite the fact that he’s 44 years old. And hasn’t made a hit movie in, like, two years. And brazenly scratches his nipple in public—not a terribly attractive quality in anyone.

What’s his secret? Perhaps a highly refined pheromone that he releases when he scratches his nipple.

He should bottle that stuff and sell it. If he thinks he can compete with the world’s most powerful celebrity fragrance.

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