Reggie Bush to Kim Kardashian: “Drop Some Weight!”

The New York Post reports that New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush is “pushing [Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Kim Kardashian] really hard to work out.”

Kim was overheard at the opening of Fuse nightclub in Nashville saying that Reggie made her run the sand dunes in Southern California’s Manhattan Beach.

Much respect for laying it on the line like that, Reggie.

Not a lot of guys have the nerve to even bring up their girl’s weight, let alone demand that she puts down the ice cream cone and gets on the treadmill already.

Keep in mind that your lady owes much of her career to her enormous backside.

In Kim’s case, the gravy train starts with the caboose.

UPDATE: Ooh, snap, New York Post! Kim Kardashian has responded to this rumor on her blog:

“There are some reports going around that Reggie wants me me to lose weight… TOTALLY FALSE!

“However, it is true that we have been working out together like crazy! And it is also true that I made a recent commitment to exercise more, which was a decision I reached all on my own.”

Way to go, Kim. Don’t let them make you the butt of any more false reports.