Claire Danes Joins the Italian Bikini Brigade

Is there some kind of show-biz equivalent to D-Day going on in Italy this summer?

A swarm of celebrities has overrun the boot-shaped nation, with the latest being Claire Danes.

Accompanied by actor boyfriend Hugh Dancy, a willowy Claire donned a red bikini and caught some rays in Ischia outside her hotel.

Uma Thurman, Eva Longoria, and a topless Sienna Miller have all been snapped summering in Italy.

If they fled in order to kick back without the paparazzi, it doesn’t seem to be working. Where do they think the word paparazzi comes from anyway? (Hint: Add La Dolce Vita to your Netflix queue.)

Claire also snapped some shots of the Italian scenery. Chances are she got some candids of other celebrities.

“Viva Italia,” says Hollywood!