‘General Hospital’ Soap Stud Names His Son ‘Peanut’

General Hospital heartthrob Ingo Rademacher named his new child Peanut Kai. So does Ingo smoke a lot of the weed or what?

Ingo told People that Peanut’s name was decided way before he came into the world.

“We were calling him that when he was in mommy,” Rademacher explained. “It kind of represented joy and happiness to us. It puts a smile on everyone’s face.”

That isn’t a smile, that’s a wince!

That’s almost as bad as Matthew McConaughey’s brother Rooster naming his kid Miller Lyte! It even makes Apple Martin sound feasible.

Ingo, who had the kid with his Hawaiian fiancee Ehiku, also noted that “kai” is Hawiian for “water.” Assume he’ll be going by Kai for the rest of his life. And righteously guarding his birth certificate so no one ever finds out he’s named for a nut.