One Woman Says John Mayer Didn’t Hit on Her

One woman says rock Lothario John Mayer did not hit on her, despite an In Touch report.

Chaton Anderson “tearfully” told Us that an In Touch story claiming Mayer tried to pick her up in Amsterdam on June 20, during the same period he’s been romantically involved with Jennifer Aniston, “is completely not true.”

“I met John Mayer almost a year ago,” Chaton said from her Manhattan Beach, California, home. “Nothing happened anyway—nothing at all. He said, ‘Hello, I’m John,’ and that was it!”

Chaton says she mentioned meeting Mayer “a long time ago” to a friend who works at In Touch, and the story was fabricated from there.

So far neither magazine has located any other women—or men—to verify the story that John Mayer has not yet hit on them.