Quentin Tarantino Wants Brad Pitt to Be a ‘Bastard’

Pulp Fiction genius Quentin Tarantino donned a beret, packed a baguette and hopped a plane to France to convince Brad Pitt to star in his next film, the World War II actioner Inglorious Bastards.

“Q” has been working on the much-hyped screenplay for several years, and wants Brad Pitt to star as one of his dirty dozen, Aldo Raine. The director and actor took a meeting on Tuesday, according to Variety.

Do it, Brad. This movie sounds boss!

Brad’s got his hands full with new twins Knox and Vivienne, but the movie will reportedly shoot this fall in Germany and France. Which would be convenient, seeing as France is the new headquarters for Pitt, his babymama Angelina Jolie, and their multi-cultural brood.

Tarantino is also said to be courting Leonardo Dicaprio for a part in the flick. Leo will probably say “yes” quicker, seeing as he doesn’t have six kids weighing him down like Brad does.