The Emmy Gallery: Top 10 Notable Nominees

The Emmy Gallery: Top 10 Notable Nominees-photo

Somewhere, dozens of stars are jumping up and down after getting the big bad nomination for an Emmy.

Because surprises are fun, Celebuzz is going to give 10 of the lucky nominees a little something extra, just for being super special.

And maybe a little bit beautiful. And a lot hot.

In honor of the beautiful golden statue, here are the top 10 hottest nominees of the 2008 Emmys!

Look through the gallery on the right, and drop us a comment if you spot any mistaken picks!



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  • LaLaGurl

    I've never really been impressed with Kristin or her voice. Her singing voice is far too harsh and nasal. There is no genuine soul, no real passion to her voice. It's all AFFECTED singing. EMULATION. Any female with a singing voice can make that kind of voice happen. There is nothing unique about her or her voice at all. I look in her eyes when she smiles and I see no real love there. This is a woman who would just as soon cut you and watch you bleed; especially if you had something she really wanted badly enough.