What a Dick! Andy That Is.

Everyone’s favorite booze-chugging, boob-exposing, Xanax-popping funnyman, Andy Dick, really knows how to liven up a game-show retread.

The recently incarcerated comedian pulled hosting duties on The Gong Show with Dave Attell and decided to pull a lusty prank while he was at it.

To be witty, Andy slipped his lap weasel through a hole in a piece of cardboard and swung it like a lariat.

Original Gong Show host Chuck Barris never would have put up with this crap. And he was a former CIA operative (or so he claims); so there definitely would have been some hurt in store for Dick.

Check out the video here at Socialite Life, assuming you’re not eating and have an industrial-size drum of eye bleach on hand.

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