Jack Wagner Sure Knows How to Pick ‘Em

Jack Wagner: Model of gallantry, or first-class fool?

A pal of the 48-year-old actor tells In Touch Weekly that Wagner wants to tie the knot with his troubled girlfriend Heather Locklear. The wedding will happen once she’s released from the Arizona nuthouse where she’s being treated for “psychological issues.”

“Jack wants to marry Heather as soon as her issues are under control. He’s already spoken to her therapists,” the friend reveals.

Yeah, some “friend.” If this guy was really Wagner’s buddy, he’d be telling him to get out of Dodge while Heather’s otherwise occupied.

Doesn’t Wagner get enough drama on The Bold and the Beautiful? Does he really need a wife with an ex-husband or two who are likely to drive through their front door and start waving a sword around after downing a fifth of Jack?