Jennifer Lopez to Run Triathlon?!?

Jennifer Lopez to Run Triathlon?!?-photo

From the "no, really" files comes word that Jennifer Lopez plans on competing in a triathlon.

Husband Marc Anthony spilled the news to Extra.

"Jennifer is training for a triathlon, in October," Marc said, keeping a straight face. There is no way a woman who has that much packed into a bikini will finish a triathlon.

Is this because her restaurant closed? Her favorite available food source was taken away and she wants a fresh start?

And who's watching the kids since they don't use nannies?

"I'm very supportive," says her emaciated husband. "I'll be on my Segway [encouraging her]."

He'd better watch his ass. Jenny will be taking over that Segway after the first 1/2 mile, and running him over with it.

Divas. Can't. Get. Sweaty.



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  • Steve

    JLo could probably beat up skeletor before, but now that she is in training for a triathlon, definately. I love JLo too, but I wouldn't want a wife who can kick my ass>