Mischa Barton Is Goal-Oriented Party Girl

She has a reputation for flaking and making excuses, but never let it be said that Mischa Barton is short-sighted.

The former O.C. actress waxes cathartic about her December 2007 DUI arrest in the August issue of Nylon magazine, admitting, “I wanted to crawl into a hole and die” after the incident.

Well, Barton has gotten the “crawling” part down.

Check out these pics of Mischa as she arrived at the  Seven Star Gallery in Berlin, at 1:17 Friday morning.

Look at her go! She’s crawling at least as well as an average six-month-old. Whose baby bottle has been spiked with Jack Daniel’s.

See, kids? If you stick to your goals and keep your eyes on the prize, you can make all your dreams come true!