Sienna Miller Is Kind of Mean

OK, Sienna Miller. We get it.

You don’t like bikini tops, and you’re totally doing Balthazar Getty.

But it’s ridiculous.

The Factory Girl star continued her Breast-Baring Tour ’08 through Positano, Italy, with Balthy yesterday.

With what must have been full awareness of the paps’ presence, the couple became especially touchy-feely while frolicking in the surf. Getty groped two fistfuls of Sienna, while Miss Miller made a lusty grab for Getty’s crotch.

Yes, the heart wants what it wants. But Sienna doesn’t seem to be innocently pursuing a new love interest. She seems to be trying to kill Getty’s wife, Rosetta Millington, with a massive coronary.

She might as well have ripped off Getty’s genitals and shoved them down her own bikini bottom, then pounded her bare chest with her fists while bellowing, “Roawrr! Ha-Ha, Rosetta Millington!”

In other news, Sienna Miller’s topless again. So go to Splash News Online for butt loads of naked aggression.

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