Winner Vs. Loser: Penn and Blake Rule LC

Ahh…nothing like the smell of young love on a Friday morning. Gossip Girl stars Penn Badgley and Blake Lively have gorgeous looks, millions of fans, and the beginnings of a steamy, yet drama-free, relationship. Unlike other castmates who are dodging rumors of their sexuality, these two tell quite a different tale:

  • They broke up in the season finale, but are pictured making out almost daily…is it on set or real?
  • In color-coordinated outfits, one might think they’ve been dating for years!
  • She’s no Paris Hilton; so a sex tape is out of the question.

Back in Hollywood, Lauren Conrad can’t escape the cameras and the drama. No, she’s not on the set of GG, but in her own unique world where the line between reality and fiction are anything but clear:

  • Did she bail on some poor puppies? It’s just another he-said, she-said in Hill’s land.
  • She attempted to be more like her co-stars, and it wasn’t too pretty.
  • She calls herself a fashion designer? Her line was dropped from Kitson and she wore this.
  • The Dark Knight premiered and she was invited. Maybe because of her great acting skills?