How To Live Like… Christopher Gorham

Christopher Gorham must hold the secret to getting the ladies. He plays the geeky (and adorable) accountant on Ugly Betty. As the love interest of Betty herself, Henry Grubstick melts the heart of every girl watching.

He’s just as successful in real-life too, with a loving marriage (to his UCLA sweetheart, Anel Lopez-Gorham, btw), and two beautiful children. So what’s his secret? Celebuzz digs up the dish on how to live like Chris!

The Popular and Party of Five star is a natural hottie. We’re going to skip the beauty facts and instead use this section to tell you a little story about how Chris proposed to his current wife of eight years. (It’s worth your time, trust us.)

On the morning of the proposal (Jan 22, 2005), Chris took Anel to Rodeo Drive. He set up a surprise picnic breakfast right outside of Tiffany’s. This way, the couple could have Breakfast at Tiffany’s before going into the store and buying their wedding rings.


As every Ugly Betty fan knows, Chris has something wonderful hidden under his shirt (take a look at this body!) that doesn’t make frequent public appearances.

However, he is seen sans shirt frequently on television (yum). He will probably be shirtless most of the time on his new CBS series, Harper’s Island, which is a horror show about a group of friends who meet on an island for a destination wedding (double yum).

As a sports fanatic, Chris keeps his coveted body in shape by playing basketball, rollerblading, fencing and ballroom dancing with his wife (another awww).

In an interview, Chris admitted that he and his wife like going to the Hotel Bel Air for dinner, because “no one under 60 goes to dinner there” and the paparazzi don’t follow them around. Enough said.

As a father of two sons, Chris spends a lot of time with his family. In an interview with Parenting Magazine, he said he considers being a parent a privilege. He hopes his children will “make meaning in their lives.” Chris  trained to be a licensed auctioneer with his grandfather in Kansas City while he was growing up, and spends some of his spare time at auctions.

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