No, Jason Earles! You Shut Up About Miley Cyrus!

Jason Earles—a/k/a Jackson Stewart, Hannah Montana’s TV brother—wants people to stop criticizing his pretend little sister Miley Cyrus about the racy photographs that she can’t stop taking of herself.

“They are picking on her,” Earles opines to People magazine. “She’s a really good kid… If you think her personal life is a little too risqué, then have that conversation with your kids.”

Hold on, Jason. It’s not like Miley forgot to do her chores before running off with her friends to the mall.

To recap the saga thus far:

Miley Cyrus became one of the richest people in the country by positioning herself as a role model to young girls across America.

Miley Cyrus then decided to pose topless for a national magazine.

When an uproar ensued, Miley Cyrus then balked and claimed to be “embarrassed” by the photos, as if she hadn’t been at the shoot.

Miley Cyrus then took more suggestive pictures of herself, which ended up on the Internet.

After that, Miley Cyrus attempted to shield herself from criticism by hiding behind the Bible.

As for people having a heart-to-heart with their kids, maybe Billy Ray Cyrus should have one with his. After she’s done lounging seductively in his lap in front of a camera, that is.

Also, Jason, aren’t you 31 years old? Just the fact that you’re playing the brother of a 15-year-old is monumentally creepy.

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