Rosario Dawson Gets Hosed

Well, hello there, Rosario Dawson! Good to see you, too!

Like seemingly half of Hollywood, the Sin City siren is currently vacationing on the Italian island of Ischia. Photogs spied her spending some quality time with a hose after taking a dip.

Good for you, Rosario! No one likes a celebrity who stinks. No matter how enticing her cleavage may be. And since your ex-boyfriend Jason Lewis is going around blabbing that he used to date a girl with horrible B.O., it’s a good idea to show people how hygienic you are.

Just one thing; you seem to have overlooked the fact that, when vacationing in Italy, it’s customary to go topless.

It’s probably best to observe the local traditions; you wouldn’t want to offend your hosts.