Avril Lavigne to Collect $2 Mil From YouTube?

If Avril Lavigne’s peeps have their way, the “Sk8er Boi” songstress is about to get paid.

Terry McBride, CEO of Nettwerk Management, claims that “there’s about a $2 million check waiting for [Lavigne] for all her YouTube plays” after her “Girlfriend” video became the site’s most-viewed clip ever, reports Wired magazine.

The video has more than 92 million hits, though that number may have been inflated by Lavigne fan site Avril Bandaids.

“Every 15 seconds this page will automaticallly [sic] refresh,” reads Bandaids’ initial bulletin to fans, “adding 1 view to Girlfriend’s YouTube total each time it does. Keep this page open while you study for exams, or even sleep. For extra viewing power, open up two or more browser windows at this page!”

Sweet; so Lavigne is poised to collect two mil, based on fake video views of a song that she might have pilfered from another band.

Much like another recent endeavor of Lavigne’s, there’s something that smells about this.