Batman Kicked Spiderman’s Ass

For those of you who live in Unabomber-type cabins in the woods, The Dark Knight was released last week to much critical acclaim and sold plenty of tickets. Okay, it sold ALL the tickets.

The highly anticipated Batman Begins sequel featuring Heath Ledger’s reportedly stunning last performance cleared $155 million in its opening week according to Deadline Hollywood

The film has beaten multiple box-office records set by Spider-Man 3 in 2007. Tobey Maguire’s web-slinger lost the record for opening week dollars at $151 million.

The film, starring a returning Christian Bale as the angsty Batman and Ledger as whimsical psychotic the Joker, also now holds the record for the biggest single-day gross in box office history ($67 million). Spidey rang in at $59 million.

Dark Knight furthermore holds the records for biggest opening weekend in 2008 and the biggest July opening ever.

Gee, do you think they’ll make a sequel?