Celebrity Party People Rock Sam Ronson’s ‘Lily’ Pad

Lindsay Lohan and Nicky Hilton were the main attractions at the Singer22.com Malibu Summer Soiree at Lily Pond in the Hamptons last night.

Why call a party in the Hamptons Malibu? Most of the people there could jet over to Malibu if they were missing it so much.

The world’s most famous and lankiest deejay, Samantha Ronson, co-hosted the party along with the still disturbingly thin Nicky Hilton.

Other “celebs” (note the quotes) in the Pond included Nicky’s little brother Barron (is he old enough to be allowed into clubs?) and Girls Gone Wild ex-jailbird Joe Francis. Joe is probably still nursing a sore posterior; his pillowy white guy type must have been incredibly popular on the jailhouse scene.

Front and center was Long Island native Lindsay Lohan. She appeared to behave herself. Finding lesbian love smoking a cigarette under a porkpie hat seems to have calmed Lohan’s wilder impulses.