Chace Crawford: Will Play Polo for Photo Ops

Chace Crawford: Will Play Polo for Photo Ops-photo

There were two things perplexing about the 2008 Mercedes-Benz Polo Challenge that went down at Two Trees Farm in Birdgehampton, New York:

1. Has Chace Crawford, who smiled pretty on the grass, ever actually picked up a polo mallet before?

2. What was Girls Gone Wild lunkhead Joe Francis doing there?

Having the Gossip Girl heartthrob pretty up the place makes a kind of sense. After all, wherever this guy shows up, he causes a newsworthy commotion.

But Joe Francis? That's like having Tara Reid host a Presidential fundraiser.

Maybe Joe was doing research for his next project, Wildly Popular TV Socialites Whose Show Strangely Hasn't Cracked The Top 100 Yet Gone Wild.



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