Did Paris Put Cristiano Ronaldo on Crutches?

Cristiano Ronaldo hasn’t let being on crutches halt his whirlwind tour of Los Angeles nightlife.

The Manchester United soccer phenomenon has been in the U.S. for business meetings this past week.

During his off hours, the womanzing athlete has hopped around the City of Angels sampling all that the L.A. club scene has to offer.

Except Paris Hilton. Ronaldo was at Villa last week when the trash-baggy heiress (who has a boyfriend) allegedly rolled up on him and squeezed her breasts together.

His rep says Ronaldo is on crutches due to ankle surgery. A more plausible reality is that Ronaldo was leaping over tables, shoving aside waitresses and vaulting the DJ booth to escape Hilton’s talons.

Hence, the crutches.