Bunny Sticks Her Neck Out for Chicks

An iconic fixture of the New York City drag scene, Lady Bunny is lending her support to PETA in their fight against fast-food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken.

A giant billboard at the intersection of Houston and Varick pictures the drag queen posing with a bucket of KFC, along with the slogan “Sometimes Big Bright Packages Contain Dirty Secrets.”

Bunny’s efforts join fellow PETA supporter Pam Anderson in a campaign against the perceived mistreatment of chickens. Bunny’s blogs, “I’ve joined the PETA gang to send the message that while PETA isn’t insisting that KFC stop serving chicken, it is strongly denouncing grisly procedures like de-beaking the birds while they are alive.”

It’s unclear what Bunny’s stance is on this kind of cruel and unusual treatment.

Tight quarters and exposure to a body oozing carcinogens can hardly be considered ethical.