Busted: Christian Bale Goes Bat Crap on his Family

The dark knight may have a dark side.

Christian Bale was arrested in London today after turning himself in for allegedly assaulting his mother and sister in his hotel room Sunday.

The drama is said to have occurred in London’s Dorchester Hotel. Bale was there to kick off Monday’s European premiere of The Dark Night. He stars in the latest Batman flick alongside Heath Ledger.

Jenny, Bale’s 61-year-old mother, and Sharon, his 40-year-old sister, reportedly made the allegation at a Hampshire police station. The case was then turned over to London’s Metropolitan Police.

London police told E! News that there are “no charges, all we are saying at the moment is that a 34-year-old male attended a central London police station this morning, by appointment, and was arrested in connection with an allegation of assault. He currently remains in custody.”

The allegations were made by Bale’s mother and sister before the Monday premiere of The Dark Knight, but police waited until today to grill him.

In the meantime, Heath Ledger’s uncle was arrested in Australia last week on charges of theft and receiving stolen goods.