Jennifer Garner, Stealth Preggo

Jennifer Garner, Stealth Preggo-photo

Jennifer Garner and her two-year-old daughter Violet—who hopefully didn't have to give another toddler a beat-down for biting her style—were out in Los Angeles today, heading to a children's art studio in Brentwood.

Garner, whose second pregnancy recently became public knowledge, appeared to craftily obscure her midsection with Violet's leg, perhaps to hide a new baby bump.

Oh, Jennifer; the cat's out of the bag now. So why not proudly flaunt your belly like other celebs?

Of course, Jen might not even be pregnant at all—she and hubby Ben Affleck have been going through so much therapy lately, she might be carrying an imaginary baby.



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  • elizabeth22560

    ms.affleck? idiots. and, well looks like she really is pregnant huh? whats up with the phrase preggo anyway? lol. cant u people take the time and just write out pregnant? its so annoying, just like preggers.

  • hispanicatthedisco

    It's probably just gas.