Kanye West Cares about Iraq War Vets

Even though he has a tendency to fly off the handle, Kanye West is still a much more welcome candidate to mix and mingle with U.S. troops than some of the the oxygen thieves currently planning trips to Iraq.

The fashion-forward rapper plans on pairing up with MTV to shoot the documentary Choose Or Lose & Kanye West Present: Homecoming. Kanye will interact with Iraq War veterans to raise awareness about the plight they face when returning stateside.

West told Rolling Stone, “There are hundreds of veterans out there who are falling through the cracks. They make the ultimate sacrifices for us by laying down their lives, but a lot of them just get forgotten about.”

Kanye plans to give financial assistance to each soldier he interviews, in the form of paying off a debt, rent or supplying college tuition.

Maybe a kinder, more gracious Kanye is emerging—one who wants to share some of his Graduation.

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