Lindsay Lohan Is on an 'Ugly' Rebound

Lindsay Lohan Is on an 'Ugly' Rebound-photo

Lindsay Lohan will reprise her role as a high-school tormentor of Betty's, on ABC's Ugly Betty this fall.

Last season, Lohan played a schoolmate of America Ferrera's character and used her as a human shield during a brutal game of Dodgeball. Sounds like Lohan!

Lohan is on the New York City set filming this week, after a luxurious weekend in the Hamptons with ladylove Samantha Ronson.

Lohan and DJ Sammy shacked up at the Grey Goose Manor Estate (is that safe for a recovering addict?), and spent the weekend shopping and partying.

Lohan danced beside Samantha's deejay booth with Ronson's two sisters—Charlotte and Annabelle. The family seems to be a-ok with their sister's lover.


Just keep her away from the Grey Goose back at the hotel, and everything will be fine.



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  • supernetuser

    That's all they do with their time though, spend the weekend shopping and partying, not caring about those of us who have less money to go around than they do. Its impressive, it really is, how many people care about something as ridiculous as a celebrity. They sign away their soul to the devil. The devil of photographers who take pics all the damn time leaving no privacy in their wake. This is the height of stupidity. The more people see that if they even release their blinders for a second, the better off we'll be.