Miley Cyrus Dismisses Selena Gomez

Don’t mess with Miley Cyrus. The girl has a tongue like a knife, and isn’t afraid to cut up her rivals.

Just ask Selena Gomez, the Wizards of Waverly Place star who some have speculated might wrest the Teener Queen crown from Miley’s head.

Cyrus recently broke her silence about the supposed rivalry, declaring “I don’t think there could be a next Miley. I think there should be the next Selena, the next Demi … [and] make their own way.”

You hear that, Selena? There will never be another Miley!

Well, except for the other offspring that Billy Ray and Leticia Cyrus are keeping frozen in their basement, in the event that Miley does something to jeopardize the family gravy train.

Cyrus added, “Instead of putting negativity to it, I’m taking the opportunity to make it a positive thing.”

Translation: “I’ve already given you one warning, Gomez. Step up to me again, and I will be wearing your eyeballs as earrings at the next Teen Choice Awards.”

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