Miley Cyrus Nude: Coming to a Theater Near You?

Okay, Miley Cyrus; this is getting ridiculous.

The Vanity Fair photos. The “Got Milk?” ad. The increasingly sexual snapshots.

And now, British paper the Sun is reporting that Cyrus will “definitely” be stripping down for a new movie, The Undiscovered Gyrl.

“It’s still the early days, but Miley is really interested in the film,” says an insider about the movie, based on an Alison Burnett novel about “a lovable, lost suburban girl who descends into a life of reckless partying and promiscuity.”

The source continues, “If she does get the part, you will be seeing a lot more of her than you did in the Vanity Fair photos—there would definitely be nude scenes.”

Hey, great! Who’s signed on to direct, Roman Polanski?

And will Miley obscure her naughty bits with a Bible or two?

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