Peaches Geldof Forgot to Breathe

The world nearly suffered a tragic loss in the celebrity-kid field on Sunday. Peaches Geldof stopped breathing for several minutes in her London apartment after a suspected drug overdose.

British tabloid the Sun reports that  Bob Geldof’s 19-year-old daughter was revived by a friend, who performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and chest compressions.

The paper’s source reveals, “It was extremely serious and there is no doubt her friend saved her life.”

Other insiders note that, once revived, Peaches was “terrified” that her father would find out.

Live Aid organizer Geldof has said that he would go “ballistic” if he ever found out that his daughter was doing drugs, particularly in light of her mother Paula Yates’ fatal heroin overdose in 2000.

That panic caused Peaches to spring fully back to life when paramedics arrived.

“When she came to she told the ambulance crew to get out,” says a source. “And she refused to go to [the] hospital to have further treatment because she was worried about [the news] getting out.”

Well, that’s one way to avoid embarrassing, father-enraging publicity.