The Jonas Brothers Will Rock The VMAs

Captors of tween hearts the Jonas Brothers have been confirmed to perform live at the MTV Music Video Awards on September 7. They revealed this on Pete Wentz’s new summer MTV show, FNMTV, last week.

The broadcast will be shown live and in its entirety only once, according to MTV, and viewers this year will be able to vote on the nominees.

The Jonas Brothers are at the peak of their boyband powers, but this doesn’t seem to keep them from injuring themselves while performing live.

The clutzy trio has become known for getting so involved in their shows that they crash through things and hurtle off the stage. And they claim to be drug-free.

Joe Jonas tripped and cut himself while trying to explode through a window prop at the American Music Awards in 2007.

And now Kevin Jonas has joined the fun. He recently fell off the stage at an Anaheim concert.

MTV better have safety nets in place and parademics on the scene. And not just for the fainting hearts.