Top 10 Female Smokers Who Should Really Quit

Top 10 Female Smokers Who Should Really Quit-photo

People spend so much time fussing and worrying about getting wrinkles; they bring in those wrinkles ten times faster. But the bigger problem might just be in the palm of their hand. Or between their fingers, more like.

Younger smokers may be less concerned with the aging effect of cigarettes. But aging puffers might want to put down that little white stick and take a long look in the mirror.

Scroll through the gallery of female smokers who should quit while they're ahead. Although it's probably too late for Amy Winehouse.




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  • Mary

    Smokers and other tobacco addicts are mentally ill. Wow, that's a bold statement

  • whitneymuse

    Given its link to Carcinoma, and perhaps most people's aversion to killing themselves, it must be a mental illness; but I'm not a psychologist licensed or not.

  • Mitch

    Smokers and other tobacco addicts are mentally ill.

  • Tommie J
    Tommie J

    Smokers suffer beain damage caused by their tobacco addiction. BAN THE TOBACCO DRUG, NOW!

  • Demuston

    Once so call experts start brandishing figures that are plucked out of mythical hats then I start to lose interest in anything further they say because they have become bigots. "ten times faster" Just think about that majic number. X10. Who are you trying to kid? .Oh I see, so a thirty year old smoker that has been smoking half her life will therefore have wrinkles 10 X more than a woman of 30 that doesn't smoke. Really? Show me proof please. Keeping lifestyles and skin types as equal as possible. eg. A town dwelling sedentary oily skin non smoker versus the same but a smoker.

  • hispanicatthedisco

    I wouldn't want to encounter Courtney Love in the throes of nicotine withdrawal. Let her smoke, I say.