Amy Winehouse’s Clan Wax Off at Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds did a bang-up job on their Amy Winehouse wax figure. If not for the faint hint of healthiness, you’d think it was the real thing.

Attending the figure’s unveiling in London were Amy’s mother Janis Winehouse and her long-suffering father Mitch Winehouse.

Janis and Mitch may want to take that figure home and leave their flesh-and-blood daughter in its place. Constantly chasing after Amy Winehouse is no way to spend the Golden Years.

Wax Amy offers several distinct advantages over the original.

A wax Amy Winehouse will never cough up blood on you.

A wax Amy Winehouse will never beat up her fans. Or the hired help.

A wax Amy Winehouse will never embarrass you by singing racist nursery rhymes on the Internet.

A wax Amy Winehouse will never pull crap like this.

In fact, wax just may be a cure for troublesome personalities overall.

The Tussauds people should work up a wax replacement for this. The world will be a better place.