Avril Lavigne Will Open for Cash

Wasn’t Avril Lavigne at the top of the music game not too long ago, busting the charts with songs like “Girlfriend” and “Complicated”? Or was that all just a disturbing dream?

Either way, the Canadian bird-flipper is opening (yes, opening) for Daughtry August 3 at the Toms River Festival in New Jersey. And just as a reminder, Chris Daughtry didn’t even win American Idol the season he was on.

Adding kerosene to the raging fire that is Avril’s shame, the dethroned mall punk is also opening for new Rolling Stone cover boys the Jonas Brothers on seven tour dates prior to the Toms River fest.

No wonder she’s hocking her name to fragrances and demanding a couple million dollars from YouTube. It’s hard out there for a washed-up sk8er girl.