Blake Fielder-Civil Dreams of Mummy Winehouse

The brunette nest of hair with a shock of blond. The penchant for white polka dots on a red background. The look of general confusion with a hint of menace.

Recently sentenced thug Blake Fielder-Civil’s mother Georgette has a disturbingly similar aesthetic to the other woman in Blake’s life, wifey Amy Winehouse.

Coincidence, or a simple case of Blake wanting a gal just like the gal who married (assuming she did) dear old dad?

Fielder-Civil pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice; what other perversions might lurk in the jailbird’s head?

If Mumsy shows up on visiting day and smushes her bare jubblies against the glass partition for her son, these guys are gonna have to cede the title of Creepiest Celebrity Family Ever. And they won’t give it up without a fight.

For a fuller look at Blake’s mom, visit Pacific Coast News Online.