Lauren Conrad Party Pooper: Booze Makes Her Mean?

Something’s going to Lauren Conrad’s head, and it’s not the hooch.

First she put in a mangy appearance at Animal Fair magazine’s “Paws for Style” charity show last week.

Now the New York Post reports that Conrad—who was paid to host the event—managed to be two hours tardy to Svedka’s “Join the Party” at Lily Pond in the East Hamptons.

She was shuttled in by helicopter. Being late in those circumstances takes some serious negligence.

“She seems to have lost a grip on reality and thinks she is A-list material,” the Post’s source said. “She bolted straight to the VIP area and refused to speak to anyone outside her entourage.”

No wonder her clothing line bombed; people were worried that the bitchiness would rub off from the fabric.

Maybe lay off the background checks on your potential boyfriends, and check yourself, Lauren. When you start to make this chick look likable, it’s a sign that you’re developing a serious problem.