Lily Allen's Sobering Experience

Lily Allen's Sobering Experience-photo

Maybe her grandmother's death put Lily Allen in a reflective mood. Something seems to have calmed her down.

The singer appeared downright sedate while hanging out with her dog, Honey, in London.

Is it really Lily Allen?

She's not being drunkenly carried around by security guards.

And her breasts aren't hanging out.

And she's not violently lashing out at random strangers.

And her clothes aren't smeared with animal feces.

Congratulations, Lily! You seem to have become very mature.

And still somehow charming.



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  • kevin

    Just because the press repeats something over, and over again that does not make it twice as much of a train wreck. People that are normal (like Lily Allen) go out and have a good time! All people want to do now is ruin somebodies fun. Why don't you try to get some enjoyment out of life c'mon yer not dead yet

  • supernetuser

    She's given up the bottle, for now.

  • hispanicatthedisco

    I give her two weeks before she's stumbling down the street with a fifth of Jack in her hand, kicking mailboxes.