Matthew Broderick: Extramarital Sex and the City?

Guess even Ferris Bueller needs a night—or several—off.

The cover story for the new issue of Star claims Matthew Broderick got hot and heavy with a redheaded 25-year-old youth counselor behind wife Sarah Jessica Parker’s back.

The tabloid reports, “After meeting in a bar, Matthew began text messaging the 25-year-old, says the woman’s pal. The insider claims things got passionate quickly when they met at the Manhattan townhouse of a showbiz friend.”

While SJP was off filming the Sex and the City movie in L.A., Star writes, the redhead and “Matty Cakes,” as she supposedly reffered to him, began having regular late-night hookups.

“She dragged Matthew into the friend’s bedroom, then shut the door. ‘A half hour later, Matthew opened the bedroom door, mumbled, Well… ‘bye! and walked out. The friend found her passed out on the bed in her panties.'”

Well, this helps explain Sarah’s admission of fights in the marriage and the recent altering of her looks.