Nick Hogan Is Finally a Man

Hey, good news for Nick Hogan:

They’re finally moving you out of that cramped, boring jail cell in Pinellas County Jail like you’ve been asking them to do.

Now, the bad news: You’re being transferred to an adult facility.

Hogan (né Nick Bollea)—the son of wrestler Hulk Hogan who’s serving an eight-month sentence for putting his buddy John Graziano in a vegetative state—turns the big 1-8 on Sunday.

According to, the whiny little sleazebag will celebrate by moving to an adult facility, after having been housed in juvey since his incarceration in May.

Moving into your first place after you turn 18 can be a blast! The parties. The lack of supervision. The roommate hovering over you with a shiv in one hand and…

There is one bit of good news for Nick. Now that he’s of age, he’ll be able to buy the issue of Playboy featuring his sister Brooke when it comes out.

Maybe the Hulkster will smuggle in a copy.

After he’s done with it, of course.

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