Rosetta Millington’s Famous Friends Have Her Back

While Balthazar Getty—who recently admitted that his marriage to Rosetta Millington is over—basked in the glow of Sienna Miller’s breasts in Italy, a celeb-heavy summit gathered to comfort his humiliated spouse and kids last week.

Weeds actress Mary-Louis Parker, Rebecca Gayheart and Gayheart’s husband, Eric “McSteamy” Dane, convened at the home Getty had shared with Millington in Los Angeles.

As far as support groups go, Rosetta couldn’t ask for a more-famous batch of shoulders to cry on.

Mary-Louis Parker, who was dumped by actor Billy Crudup when she was seven months pregnant with his kid so he could date Claire Danes, no doubt had plenty of advice for Millington.

Gayheart was there, of course, to provide nerve-soothing cigarettes.

And Dane? He was probably on-hand to teach Rosetta how to poke out an opponent’s eyes with brute force.

Watch your back, Balthy. Not even Sienna’s army of vindictive lawyers can protect you now.