Sienna Miller Has Some Freakin’ Nerve, and Lawyers

British paper the Guardian reports that lawyers representing Sienna Miller have issued a writ for breach of privacy against publications News of the World and the Sun, along with photo agency Big Pictures.

The reason for the legal battle? Recent articles that exposed the actress cavorting topless with married man Balthazar Getty on the shores of Italy.

You know, that very private forum of the Great Outdoors.

Sure, Sienna’s public strip show signaled the end of Getty’s marriage to Rosetta Millington—who bore Balthy’s four children—but apparently Sienna fancies herself the real victim.

See here, Sienna Miller: You were the one who decided to get involved with a married man. You were the one who jutted your naked breasts in front of God and everybody, like two missiles aimed straight at the sanctity of Balthazar Getty’s marriage.

Here’s an idea, Sienna. Why not take the money that you’re throwing away on lawyers’ fees, and invest in a few shirts?