50 Cent Has a Beef With Taco Bell

Gosh, 50 Cent must really be fired up after his ex’s house burned down. Now he’s lashing out at Taco Bell.

MTV News reports that the fast food joint issued a faux memo addressed to the rapper in which the company suggested he change his name for a day to “79 Cent,” “89 Cent” or “99 Cent”—i.e., the prices of certain items on Taco Bell’s menu.

“We know that you adopted the name 50 Cent years ago as a metaphor for change. We at Taco Bell are also huge advocates for change. We encourage you to ‘Think Outside the Bun’ and hope you accept our offer.”

Guess 50 Cent tossed his funnybone out the window with this one.

“We gonna take legal action,” he told radio show mouth Angie Martinez. “It gets uncomfortable at some point. Especially when corporations do it to you. Like you gonna go to the store and beef with the kid at the counter.”

Sure, 50, and you’re not one to start beefs, are you? Like last year when you said if your album didn’t outsell Kanye West’s, you’d quit music. And then your album totally flopped.

Now that was funny.