Christian Bale: Out of the Slammer, Onto the Red Carpet

Christian Bale put on a rueful grin and walked the red carpet for the Barcelona premiere of his blockbuster summer flick, The Dark Knight, on Wednesday.

It was just one day after his arrest in London on Tuesday after he reportedly unleashed hell on his family at the Dorchester Hotel.  His mom Jenny Bale was said to have made some unkind remarks about his wife, Sandra Sibi Blazic (pictured here with the hotheaded star).

Bale posed for pics and signed autographs outside the Coliseum Theater last night, but he didn’t answer reporters’ questions about the arrest.

He called the incident a “deeply personal matter” and requested that the press would “respect my privacy.”

Good luck with that. You’re Batman! People want to know why you treated your family like you would some Gotham City supervillain.